Illustrations of fields of work

Social Planning

- Social infrastructure planning
- Social impact assessment
- Housing Policy
- Healthy communities
- Recreation planning

Urban and Regional Planning

- Statutory planning advice
- Expert evidence in Environment Resources and Development Court
- Strategic planning
- Growth area planning
- Sustainable land division
- Centres planning
- Transit Oriented Developments (TODs)

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)

- Training
- Policy
- Site assessments
- Urban form and safety

Sustainable Urban Design

- Training
- Management of teams
- Master plans
- Urban design guidelines

Environment and Planning

- Natural resources management (NRM) and land use
- Ecologically sustainable planning and design
- Social aspects of NRM


- Urban Design
- Housing Needs Assessment
- Social Impact Assessment

Housing Policy

Housing SA Design Guidelines for Apartment Development 2011

Housing SA (in association with Dr Donna Ferretti and Associates) Socially Sustainable Design Guidelines for High Density Housing – 2011

City of Casey Affordable Housing Strategy (in association with SGS) – 2008

Facilitator at SA Affordable Housing Forum – 2008

Affordable Housing Strategy for South Australia (in association with SGS) – 2004

Housing Policy input to the Brisbane New Town Plan – 1996

Housing and Residential Planning Manual- Local Government Association of Queensland – 1995

Sunshine Coast Regional Housing Strategy (in association with Graham Gaston) – 1995

Housing and Residential Planning Manual – Local Government Association of Queensland (in association with Graham Gaston) – 1995

Facilitation of a state consultation on the SA State Housing Plan – 1995


Additional Projects

Demographic Analysis and Residential Policy Review – Thebarton Corporation

Munno Para Housing Study

City of Enfield Residential Review

Housing Policy for the Northfield Joint Venture

Marion Residential Review

Kensington and Norwood Residential Review

Port Adelaide Residential Review (in association with Kinhill)

City of Woodville Residential Review

SA State Housing Plan Consultation

City of Salisbury Housing Needs Assessment (as Bone and Tonkin Planner)

Munno Para Housing Study