Illustrations of fields of work

Social Planning

- Social infrastructure planning
- Social impact assessment
- Housing Policy
- Healthy communities
- Recreation planning

Urban and Regional Planning

- Statutory planning advice
- Expert evidence in Environment Resources and Development Court
- Strategic planning
- Growth area planning
- Sustainable land division
- Centres planning
- Transit Oriented Developments (TODs)

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)

- Training
- Policy
- Site assessments
- Urban form and safety

Sustainable Urban Design

- Training
- Management of teams
- Master plans
- Urban design guidelines

Environment and Planning

- Natural resources management (NRM) and land use
- Ecologically sustainable planning and design
- Social aspects of NRM


- Urban Design
- Housing Needs Assessment
- Social Impact Assessment

Crime Prevention (CPTED)

Sunshine Coast Council (in association with Andrea Young and Associates) Community Safety Strategy – current 2012

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) training Australia & New Zealand -1993 – ongoing

Urban Planning & Safety Assessment of Auckland, City of Auckland – 2008

Piloting of Car Park Safety training for City of Auckland – 2008

CPTED assessment of major projects in Cities of Charles Sturt and Port Adelaide Enfield -2006-2008

Review of City of Gold Coast CPTED Draft Code (in association with Andrea Young) – 2006

Safety Design reviews of Canberra Civic Centre for a revitalisation project – 1995, 2000 (in association with Jane Goffman) and 2005

CPTED Draft Code for Ipswich City Council (in association with SKM)  – 2004

CPTED Draft Urban Design Policy for Perth City Council – 2003

Draft Safer Design Guidelines for Local Governments, Victorian Government - 2005

Safe Routes Strategy ACT ( in association with Associate Stephanie Knox) – 2001

Review of safety in Wyndam Town Centre (in association with Associate Stephanie Knox) – 2001

CPTED Draft Code for Gold Coast City Council in association with Andrea Young) – 1996

CPTED Training Kit Local Government Association of Queensland – 1993


Additional Projects

Urban Design and Safety Study Adelaide CBD (in association with Sarkissian Associates) , SA Attorney General’s Department

Crime Safety and Urban Form Literature Review for the Commonwealth Government

Safety & Urban Design Studies of Salisbury and Seaford 

Melbourne Docklands Authority Urban Design & Safety Guidelines

Advisor Safety Audits, Brisbane City Council

Safety assessment of Casino surrounds, Melbourne City Council