Illustrations of fields of work

Social Planning

- Social infrastructure planning
- Social impact assessment
- Housing Policy
- Healthy communities
- Recreation planning

Urban and Regional Planning

- Statutory planning advice
- Expert evidence in Environment Resources and Development Court
- Strategic planning
- Growth area planning
- Sustainable land division
- Centres planning
- Transit Oriented Developments (TODs)

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)

- Training
- Policy
- Site assessments
- Urban form and safety

Sustainable Urban Design

- Training
- Management of teams
- Master plans
- Urban design guidelines

Environment and Planning

- Natural resources management (NRM) and land use
- Ecologically sustainable planning and design
- Social aspects of NRM


- Urban Design
- Housing Needs Assessment
- Social Impact Assessment

Environment and Planning

Expert witness in ecologically sustainable design (ERD Court) – ongoing

Member of the SA Natural Resources Management Council (NRMC) 2007 – present

Paper on NRM and Land Use Planning, NRMC – 2008

Member of the Community Capacity Committee of the NRMC – 2009 – present

Facilitation of submission to the Adelaide 30-Year Plan on NRM content – 2009

Paper on NRM and Planning to a Forum of NRM and Planners Network – 2009

Research into link between planning policy and environmental planning in London, Cophenhagen, Vancouver – 1998

Environment and planning presentation to City of Charles Sturt – 1998

Crime Prevention (CPTED)