Illustrations of fields of work

Social Planning

- Social infrastructure planning
- Social impact assessment
- Housing Policy
- Healthy communities
- Recreation planning

Urban and Regional Planning

- Statutory planning advice
- Expert evidence in Environment Resources and Development Court
- Strategic planning
- Growth area planning
- Sustainable land division
- Centres planning
- Transit Oriented Developments (TODs)

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)

- Training
- Policy
- Site assessments
- Urban form and safety

Sustainable Urban Design

- Training
- Management of teams
- Master plans
- Urban design guidelines

Environment and Planning

- Natural resources management (NRM) and land use
- Ecologically sustainable planning and design
- Social aspects of NRM


- Urban Design
- Housing Needs Assessment
- Social Impact Assessment

Welcome to Bell Planning

Wendy Bell is Principal of Bell Planning Associates which has operated as an Adelaide – based planning practice serving clients around Australia and New Zealand since 1986. The practice also collaborates with other consultants on multi-disciplinary projects.

The practice provides a unique combination of skills in social planning, urban and regional planning, crime prevention, sustainable urban design, housing policy, environment and planning, training and planning appeals.

The practice has adopted the underpinning values of:

- balancing social, economic & environmental needs in planning & urban design
- ecological sustainability
- community participation
- fairness and equity.